M A R I A  S E Z E R


Maria Sezer’s primary source of inspiration is nature. She paints, prints, works with clay (www.rakuplates.com) and makes three dimensional objects and installations...


In 2004 she finalized the PHD program at the Institute for Social Studies of the Mimar Sinan University. Her thesis was headed "On the Relation of Nature and Artistic Creation in the Plastic Arts after the1960's".

In 1980 she graduated from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1977 she studied at the Painting Department of the Polytechnic in Leeds, England, after which she transferred to the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts.

Between 1973 and 1976 she studied at the Department of Painting and Monumental Design at the St. Joost Akademie in Breda, Holland.


Between 1980-1996 Sezer taught art at Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey

Between 2006-2010 Sezer taught at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey



Working with nature has several starting points for Maria Sezer. The cycle of life, time, local identity in connection with geography, the need for decoration and beauty, change, ecology and they way we treat nature itself are her main themes. To her these themes are concerned with the human state which she sees reflected in nature, since man is tied to nature. By manipulating and rearranging natural materials, either solely or in combination with man made materials or sometimes only using natural motifs, she intends to probe some of the mysteries of human life and expresses her findings about (local) society. She believes over time geography becomes a part of identity of every local population and this effects its cultural identity. For survival, through agricultural produce, animal husbandry, and climate, people gain a lifestyle which has a vast effect upon their cultural heritage. Even if the population is not mainly active as farmers its influence is greatly felt by way of trade, architecture and so on. Local identity is a basic part of man and therefore it is important to look at the natural vegetation and geographical situation of a place and use it as a way to talk about the place and its people for Sezer. The works have the effect of connecting the local people with their past and present and making them realize what the future might bring or how they can manipulate it. At the same time the public may find a more general state of the human being and his place in the natural world. Often themes of her works will cross-over and are  in her works.


Liman / Harbour, Galeri Apel Istanbul

4. Istanbul Seramik Günleri, Galeri Maksim


Balkon / Balcony, Galeri Apel, Istanbul

3.Istanbul Seramik Günleri, Galeri Maksim

Paslaşmalar, Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi Sanat Galerisi Istanbul


Baş-lan-gıç, D’Art Galeri, Istanbul

Nevruz, Galeri Apel, Istanbul 

2.Seramik Günleri Maksim Galerisi, Istanbul

Etraf / Around,Tekirdağ, Turkey

Maden, Galeri Apel, Istanbul

Alternatifsiz Yıkım, symposium Atmosfer Sanat Projeleri, Ayvalık, Turkey

Finalising and presenting of the fortnightly radio program ‘Propolis’ at Açık Radyo


Bir Reklam Arası, Galeri Apel, Istanbul   

Fotosentez, Symposium Atmosfer Sanat Projeleri, Kefken, Turkey

Writing and presenting of the fortnightly radio program ‘Propolis’ at Açık Radyo


Women and Water. Palmyra Sculpture Centre, Palma de Mallorca/ Spain

Kaçırma/ Abduction. Galeri Asfalt, Istanbul/ Turkey 

Komplizen, Ostrale, Dresden/ Germany

I.Bodrum Bienial, Bodrum/ Turkey

Apel 15, Istanbul/ Turkey


Big-Small/ Gölün Gizemleri, solo-show, Büyükçekmece Lake and amphitheatre İstanbul, Turkey

Who Left/What Behind? -Kim Gitti /Geride Ne Kaldı? Pleven, Bulgaria-Ankara, Turkey


Solo show,  Galerie 10+10 , Amsterdam, Holland

Interdisciplinary Workshop,  Gazimagosa, Cyprus,

İzmir Bienali, İzmir. Turkey

Diyarbakır Hapishanesi  Ne Yana Düşer, Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, İstanbul- Diyarbakır, Turkey

Ekim Geçidi 10, Marmaris, Sinop, İzmir


Ustalar ve Çıraklar, Galeri Işık, Istanbul, Turkey

Tornavideo, video-art activity, Tamirhane, Ankara, Turkey

Uluslar Arası 8 Mart Dünya Kadınlar Sergisi, İzmi, Turkey

FAbrikart grup, Nevşehir, Cappadocia, Turkey

METU 11th Art Festival, Ankara, Turkey

Çok Güzel/Very Beautiful,Taşınabilir Sanat/Portable Art, İstanbul, Turkey

My Father and Son/ Babam ve Oğlum, Nakkaş Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

When Waste turns into Art, Berkay İletişim, İstanbul, Turkey

Mosaic mural as a social project for the Rotary School in Istiniye, Istanbul, Turkey

The Grape Vine, Amsterdam, Holland

Onkruid vergaat niet, Het Kruithuis, Den Bosch, Holland

De zonnebloemen van van Gogh, Gallery 10+10, Amsterdam, Holland

Awaiting/ Beklerim, solo show and conference,

The making of Kacak, a statue on the shore of the Golden Horn, Istanbul, Turkey


Asymetric Relations, Güzelyalı Cultural Center, İzmir, Turkey

Awaiting/ Beklerim,solo show,  Galeri Apel, Istanbul, Mersin, Prof. Dr. Uğur Oral Cultural Center Turkey


Solo show, Galeri Kent, Istanbul, Turkey

5533, “Altın Günü”, İstanbul, Turkey

ABA Mersin Üniversity, Thırd International Symposium of Women Artists, Mersin, Turkey

Solo show, ABDÜL Baki Paşa Library, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul

Dialogue, Contemporary Printmaking and Ex Librises from Turkey, Het Stedelijk Museum, St Niklaas, Belgium

Su=Pırıltı!/Water= Bright! The 3rd International Contemporary Art Festival, the Dutch

Pavillion, Mustafapaşa, Cappadocia, Turkey

The Çanakkale Bienial, Çanakkale, Turkey

The 1st International Printmaking Bienial, Istanbul, Turkey

Je m’appelle Apel; Galeri Apel in the French Cultural Institute, Istanbul, Turkey

Multiple Connections, Galeri Kent, Istanbul, Turkey/ Vienna, Austria

Kartal- Terkos 2002-2008 - TÜYAP Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey



ABBA Mersin Üniversity, Second International Symposium of Women Artists, Mersin, Turkey

44. International Troia Festivali, Çanakkale, Turkey

Işık Üniversitesy Fine Arts Faculty Show, Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey

TÜYAP Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey

Overvloed, Het STOK-Kruithuis, s’Hertogenbosch, Holland,

International Interdisciplinary Art Workshop, Lefkoşa, Cyprus


Tenses of the Tulip, The Imperial Mint, Darphane-i Amire, Istanbul, Turkey

Naturmort, Galerist, İstanbul, Turkey

Artists residency program for the social transformation of the village Gölyazı, Gölyazı,Turkey


ABBA, First International Symposium of Women Artists, Mersin University, Mersin, Turkey

66 women, 66 works, Çekirdek Sanat Atölyesi, Istanbul, Turkey

Nevruz, Diyarbakir Sanat Merkezi, Diyarbakir, Turkey

Komsu/ Neighbour, Gallery Apel, Istanbul, Turkey

Visions in Textiles, From Tradition to Textile Art. Turkish Ministry of Culture and Art, Izmir Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Izmir, Turkey

Memento Mori: Artists Grapple with Issues of War and Peace, Cleveland State University Art Gallery, Ohio, U.S.A.

Lulea Summer Biennial 2005, Lulea, Sweden


From Hills and Dales, Gallery Apel, Istanbul, Turkey

Anatolian Impressions, Artists Prints from the studio of Master Tekcan, The Meridian Center, Washington, U.S.A.

solo show, 7 Days Troyan, Troyan Art School Gallery, Troyan, Bulgaria

Her Zaman, Osman Hamdi Salon, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey1999


What's missing?, Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, Istanbul, Turkey

III International Eskisehir Terracota Symposium, Eskişehir ,Turkey

Videoist 2003 , Kargart, Istanbul,Turkey

Families Only, Karşı Sanat Calışmaları, Istanbul, Turkey

Aesop's Friends, Gallery Apel, Istanbul, Turkey


Earth and Fibre, Gallery Apel, Istanbul, Turkey

Floreal 3, Nelli Sanat Evi, Istanbul, Turkey

Starting of the post-card project Temporary, The Human Nude, Dutch-art.nl Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland

Solo show, Pjotr Gallery, Tilburg, Holland


Engraving in Turkey from the Beginning till Now, Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, Istanbul, Turkey

Voices from the Nation, Karşı Sanat Çalışmalarıı, Istanbul, Turkey


Local produce, Elhamra Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

From Canvas to Earth, Bodrum Castle, Bodrum, Turkey


The 12th German Intenational Exhibition of Graphic Art, Frechen, Germany

The premio Internazionale Biella per L’Incizione, Biella, Italy

 Solo show, Nelli Sanat Evi, Istanbul, Turkey

Solo show, Natura Non Facit Saltus, Cemal Resit Rey Salon, Istanbul, Turkey


The 5th International Biennial of Miniature Art Yugoslavia

Tokyo International Print triennial, Tokyo, Japan


Mini Print Biennial, Cluj, Romenia